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  • Name: Billy Bambao
  • Phone: (905) 550-1558
  • Email: b@talktobilly.com
  • Often seen in: Toronto
  • Inspired by: An amazing wife & daughter

A Little Elevator Pitch

At Trader Corporation, my current role is to accelerate the growth of the largest automotive businesses across Canada and serve them as a digital marketing expert. I’ve been an award winning, top performer in a nationwide team for the last 2 years.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve also driven growth for some of Canada’s industry-leading brands, agencies, businesses of all sizes and my own startups. This gives me a certain versatility with clients that I’m proud of.

Aside from my full-time career, I also consult for businesses in my spare time.

I collaborate with teams and extract brilliance.

I drive for results, not fluff.

And, I do this by creating relationships the right way, digging deep into business needs and building bridges to systemic solutions.

What Clients Say About Me

Humbling Recommendations

  • Alexander Michael Gittens

    Strategist, Author & Speaker

    I had the pleasure of working with Billy when his team provided digital marketing solutions to a mutual client. I’ve worked with a plethora of SEO professionals and Billy stood out as the most effective communicator and provided the highest level of customer service. I enthusiastically recommend him without hesitation.

  • Richard Picart

    Business Growth Professional

    I have had the opportunity to work with some very good people. However, it’s the great ones that had the biggest impact on me professionally. Billy is one of the great ones. His patient and methodical approach to problem solving, client relationship building and knowledge acquisition is an asset to any organization.

  • Rizwan Kermalli

    President @ eShipper

    I had the privilege of working with Billy on our digital marketing initiatives. Billy was very thorough and explained the process in details and provided and managed the timelines. Billy is well versed in the digital space and I would recommend his services to any company looking for a good and reliable manager who delivers results.

  • Dan Van Meer

    Director @ Seneca College

    In a nutshell – Billy is an expert digital marketer who lifts the mood of any room he walks into. When it comes to generating great ideas that drive results, building solid relationships, leading effectively, and having a lot of fun throughout the process – Billy not only sets the bar, but is able to bring those around him along for the ride.

  • Marco Grossi

    Director @ 3PL Links

    By far the easiest person to have work with/for you, Billy’s professionalism made it effortless for a small growing company to transition to a new service provider. He will surprise you with new ideas and plans on implementation. I would recommend his work to everyone, as the reliability and final output of work went beyond expectations year after year.

  • Helen Overland

    Sr. Optimization Analyst @ Staples Canada

    Billy is a highly technical and savvy digital professional. He is always willing to try new ideas and is always focused on delivering results. Billy is a pleasure to work with and always brings a positive attitude along with a job well done.

How I Help Businesses Grow

Core Skillsets

How I Help Businesses Grow

My approach is pretty simple.

I work with you to develop a digital strategy that will grow your bottom line.
That strategy will be fluid, ongoing, spanning across different areas and constantly improving.

Businesses hire me because they want to grow through digital and just don’t have either the time, expertise or budget to hire full-time.

Here’s a look at the areas I work in the most:

Leading Creative & Customer/User Experience Projects100%
Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEM)100%
Data Driven Decision Making100%
Conversion Optimization100%
Content Strategies & Development85%
Technical Outsourcing (Web, Mobile Apps, Design)50%


Top Strategy Consultant

October 2015 / TRADER Corporation

Top 3 President's Club Performer

2014, 2015, 2016 / TRADER Corporation

Examples Of My Work

Driving Growth

Recent Work Examples

Below are a few quick examples of projects I’ve worked on as well as the results I’ve been able to deliver for clients.

  • + >

    Exotic Car Dealership

    Web, SEM Strategy

  • + >


    Web, SEM Strategy

  • + >

    Birchwood Credit Solutions

    Web, UX, SEM Project

Website Redesign

Driving Exotic Car Performance Through Digital

The Challenge: A leading independent dealership selling exotic cars wanted to better represent their brand and buying experience as web engagement metrics were poor.

My role: Lead a web development and design team to create a better website experience & improve on key performance indicators (engagement, conversion).

Bottom line impact: Within 1 week after launch, this client's website soared from a bottom performer (against provincial benchmark data) to a top 30 perfomer amongst hundreds. Sales, lead quantity and quality improved week after week.

Digital Strategy

Bringing the Best Out of A Brand

The Challenge: 2 leading automotive dealerships reached out with the goal of better representing their brand, and converting more customers.

My role: Develop a fine-tuned SEM traffic strategy and lead a website design team to create a more attractive, better converting website. The project spanned across less than 4 weeks and resulted in far better site engagement & conversion metrics.

Bottom line impact: Month over month improvement in site engagement key performance indicators, leads and website-driven sales.

Driving Growth

Building A Great Buying Experience

The Challenge: A leading automotive brand reached out with the goal of acquiring customers who have trouble buying a vehicle due to poor credit history.

My role: Develop a fine-tuned traffic strategy and lead web development, design and video production teams to produce a brilliant online finance application process. The project spanned across 2 months and resulted in the launch of an intuitive, mobile friendly web solution that customers trusted, and found easy as heck to use.

Bottom line impact: Month over month gross profits, while crushing previous conversion rates and lead quality.

Let’s chat about how I can help your business.

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What I Work to Live For

  • Family


    Always the first and foremost priority & reason for my drive. As the saying goes,``Family is all we really have.``

  • Active Sports

    Active Sports

    I'm an uber competitive athlete, involved in competitive sports since I was young enough to run: Basketball, Golf, Hockey, Baseball. My competitive drive was born through sports.

  • Travel


    By far, the favorite thing for my family to do: Traveling the world and creating memories.

  • Date Nights

    Date Nights

    A favourite go-to activity for my wife and I since we were kids: Nothing wrong with date night at the movies!

  • Cars


    I've been an avid car tuner and gearhead since the first day I got my license, and don't think that will come to an end anytime soon!


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